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Creating in Chaos

I want to start by saying this: Remember This Sis, you can still create in chaos. What is happening around you does not have precedence over what is inside of you. Take the time you need to adjust, then get up and get moving because WE NEED YOU.

A lot has happened since my last post, and honestly, I’ve been trying to find my way back to this place for some time now. While some are still able to create in the midst of chaos, others need a little more time to digest it, sit with it, and take it all in. I’m others.

I have been around the world and back (in my head, because Covid), and I still can’t make sense of most things that are happening in the world today, specifically in the United States. Like most of you I’ve searched for guidance and inspiration, I’ve given my therapist an earful weekly, I’ve cried just because, and I’ve signed up for Comfort Food Academy. I’m just being honest.

But in the middle of it all I have found inspiration in my sisters, black women specifically. Yes, black women have continued to persevere and THRIVE while the world is on fire. Black women are using the flames to create masterpieces and I LOVE IT!

I personally know some great women who decided to use this time to birth something beautiful, and I want to take a moment to give them their roses. Check out these beauties below:


I like to call myself a Yolaskitchen original because I’ve had the chance to be a part of this curated experience from the very beginning. The chef, Adeola Sokunbi, started Yolaskitchen, a lifestyle brand connecting friends over food and culture, in 2016. Since then she’s hosted more than fifteen dinner parties that have all highlighted unique flavors from around the world. Now she’s expanding her business by introducing Yolaskitchen Sauces, a flavorful line of sauces that are a direct reflection of the love that she has for her craft. Yolaskitchen originals and new fans alike can now order Ade Spice, a sweet and tangy roasted pepper sauce inspired by Nigerian flavors and a handmade garlicky chimichurri sauce with fresh herbs and spices.

“After years of hosting dinner parties with intimate groups of friends I started to think of different ways for people outside the Atlanta area to be able to have the opportunity to discover Yolaskitchen. My line of sauces is a way for them to do just that - it gives everyone the chance to experience Yolaskitchen's unique flavors in the comfort of their own homes.” – Chef Adeola Sokunbi

To order sauces and be in the know about all things Yolaskitchen, visit and be sure to follow the brand on Instagram . Send her a direct message to get your freshly made sauce.

The next dinner party is TBD, but it’s something that you do not want to miss.


The world around us has proved now, more than ever, that it truly takes a village to do any and everything. And that includes raising our children and making sure that we as African American people are represented in a positive light in every aspect. Creator of Brownstone Village and author Tiffany Bowers-Weller took it upon herself to reinforce this idea with her line of children’s books that highlight positive relationships between African American children and those that they love. I am personally a huge fan and recently purchased her book titled 'I Can Love You From Anywhere!' for my goddaughter.

"I wrote a children's book series that highlights the importance of healthy family bonds, particularly in the African American Community, because I understand the importance of having a village to raise and maintain a healthy community. I've noticed the idea and significance of the concept of the village diminishing as years pass by. My goal is to restore "the village", and inspire generations old and new to celebrate family bonds and reflect on them in a positive light." - Author Tiffany Bowers-Weller 

To purchase books for the children in your life visit and follow the brand on Instagram and Facebook.

We all need to TEACH PRAY and LOVE

As most of you have heard, our teachers have been going through a storm of their own in relation to when and how to return to school. The federal and local governments are all on different pages. And while it is important for students to continue their education in the fall, we should not expect teachers to risk their lives AND we shouldn’t sacrifice our children when there are still too many uncertainties.

Alexcia Moore, an educator herself, decided to put her thoughts and feelings into her art. Through prayer and encouragement from friends and family, she launched the Teach Pray Love Brand, an affirming and inspirational lifestyle brand that promotes Family, Faith & the Favor of God's love.

"I believe that we are truly going through a spiritual warfare where our faith is being tested. I created Teach Pray Love™️ to be an affirming and inspirational lifestyle brand that promotes Family, Faith & the Favor of God's love. God is still in the blessing business even in these trying times. Our brand’s vision is to build a network of like-minded believers who are proud to profess our faith and spread God's gospel. We are powerful in numbers. Teaching, Praying, and Loving one another is vital in bringing us all healing for ourselves, a nation, and the world.♥️" - Creator Alexcia Moore

You can rep the Teach Pray Love brand by visiting to purchase your shirts and by following the brand on Instagram and Facebook.

Much love to these ladies and RTS wishes them much success in their ventures. You can support by purchasing of course, but also by sharing this post and following their brands. #SupportBlackBusinesses #SupportWomen

Until next time! - AliciaGenell

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1 Comment

Sharika Seabrooks
Sharika Seabrooks
Jul 29, 2020

Absolutely LOVE this blog post! Thank you for creating a beautiful piece in the midst of chaos that not only inspires, but uplifts black women!

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