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The Seasons Are Changing and So Should You...

Updated: Oct 22, 2019

“Live each season as it passes; breathe the air, drink the drink, taste the fruit, and resign yourself to the influences of each.” — Henry David Thoreau

Change is a huge part of survival (yes, I'm coming in strong).

No, but seriously, ... It's so easy to stay in the same place, doing the same thing, talking to the same folks, and breathing the same air. But it's also dangerous.

You and I both know that you were put on this earth to do something special.

  • It's that thing that tugs at you while you're sitting at your desk at work.

  • It's that thing that you randomly think about while scrolling through the gram, saying to yourself "man I need to get busy".

  • It's that thing you dream about.

  • It's that thing that you see yourself doing every day and never getting tired of.

Maybe it's a new career, a new side hustle, a trip overseas, a move overseas, a love interest, or something as simple as cleaning out your closet (dass me).

OR maybe you need to just drop some people, leave your toxic work environment, stop texting that person back, or call that family member that you ghosted a while back because you were offended by something that they said...

You, I, WE know what it is, so why don't we move?

Well, because new things require us to change the old things, habits, and routines in our lives. If you want different, then you absolutely cannot stay the same. You have to change what you WANT and focus on what you NEED.

And if you REALLY want to do this thing, you need to align your desires with God's for your life (bloop). When you decide to align your desires with God... you have to commit to changing one BIG thing. Your HEART.

Yep I took it there. A lot of us stall because we are not willing to change our hearts and commit to our true purpose. Change is scary but staying the same is scarier.

So, I challenge you, on this day, to dig deep and figure out why you haven't moved on that thing yet, OR why you're still holding on to things that do not serve you. Identify why that particular change scares you so much, and then deal with it.

For me, one of those things was launching this blog and the RTS brand. I knew that once I launched RTS, I'd have to be okay with being vulnerable and sharing my heart... and I WANTED to so BAD... but I was terrified. But once you realize that the things God puts on your heart are not about you (praise break) then your perspective will begin to shift.

Eventually you'll need to make a decision and embrace change...

But for now...

Remember This Sis...So many people spend their lives just dreaming about who/what they could be, but never become it. Don't let it happen (or not happen) to you.

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